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Caesar with chicken

Salad mix, tomatoes, chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, Caesar sauce, croutons

230 г

Caesar with prawns

Salad mix, tomato, croutons, Parmesan cheese, king prawns, Caesar sauce

210 г


Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, salad mix, olive oil

170 г


Cabbage, cucumber, vegetable oil, vinegar, lemon juice

220 г

Greek salad

Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, salad mix, Feta cheese, olives, mustard dressing

215 г

Olivier salad

Poached egg, potato, cucumber, smoked chicken, preserved peas, green onion, mayonnaise, eggs

250 г

Salmon and shrimp salad

Mix salad, cherry, shrimp, fried salmon, olives, feta cheese, dressing with olive oil, soy sauce and lemon juice

270 г

Warm beef salad

Salad mix, beef fillet, soya sprouts, tomatoes, quail eggs, balsamic sauce

280 г

Warm salad with liver and poached egg

Salad mix, chicken liver, bacon, poached egg, Caesar sauce

220 г