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Barbecue until 22:00

Barbecue wings

Served with BBQ sauce

4 шт

Beef steak

Beef tenderloin, BBQ sauce. Price is for 100 g raw weight

100 г

Chicken kebab with vegetables

Chicken, bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato, Caesar sauce

200 г

Grilled mackerel

Baked mackerel, lemon. The price is indicated for 100 g wet weight.

100 г

Grilled mushrooms

Grilled champignons

150 г

Grilled vegetables

Tomato, bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, greek sauce

230 г

Italian style salmon

Salmon, onion, tomato, bell pepper, lemon

220 г

Minced kebab

Minced meat with spices and herbs. Served with lavash, sauce and pickled onions

320 г

Pork kebab

Pork, pickled onion, lavash, BBG sauce

100 г

Pork steak bone in

Pork on the bone, mix salad, lavash, BBQ sauce

100 г

Rib eye steak

Price is for 100 g raw weight

100 г

Ribs BBQ

Baked pork ribs in BBQ sauce, mix salad

300 г

Unagi salmon with sesame

Salmon, unagi sauce, sesame

160 г