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Veal with vegetables in Asian sauce

Veal, carrots, sweet peppers, oyster mushrooms, red onions

280 г

Seabass with vegetables

Sea bass fillet, broccoli, corn, spinach, oyster mushrooms, Tom Yam sauce

300 г

Pike perch with mussels, herbs and cherry tomato sauce

Pike perch, mussels, herbs, cherry tomato sauce

320 г

Veal schnitzel

Veal fried in panko breadcrumbs, with cherry tomatoes, arugula, nut mix and herbs

260 г


Salmon and cream cheese

Cream sauce, farm mozzarella, cream cheese, salmon, spinach

590 g

Capocollo and baked peppers

560 g

Shrimp and tom yam sauce

Shrimp, farm mozzarella, roasted peppers, cream sauce.

560 g

Ham and mushrooms

Tomato sauce, farm mozzarella, farm ham, oyster mushrooms, spinach, olive oil.

580 g

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